Lovely last classes today

Today was was the last class of my current massage and yoga courses. Its always really sad to say goodbye to all the lovely mummies and babies after spending the last 5 weeks getting to know them and watching the babies change and develop. Thankfully i’ll be seeing quite a few of you again soon on the next courses. 🙂

There have been lots of coughs, colds and tummy bugs about so we were missing a few little beans who I hope to cross paths with soon.

P1090851 (2)
Baby Massage Graduates
Baby Yoga Graduates

Daddies do massage too

It’s always lovely to have another family member come along to class but it’s especially nice to have a daddy come along.  


This super cute little baby gurgled and cooed his way through his massage from daddy until he got a bit tired out towards the end. 

Babies love to watch their parents’ faces and listen to their voices. Massage is a great way for daddies to bond with babies too. 

There is something soo adorable about a baby all wrapped up in a towel…😍

One of the beautiful little Yoga Beans from todays class.

I’m really enjoying the current Baby Yoga course. Spending my time hanging out with a roomful of babies just doesn’t feel like work!! We do a mixture of yoga inspired movements and postures which are beneficial for both mummy and baby followed by a few minutes relaxation time for mummies at the end.

One of the best bits is that while mummies are relaxing i get to play with adorable little beauties like this little fella.


A lovely relaxed class yesterday…

Our class at Ockbrook yesterday was lovely and relaxed. We had time for a chat, a drink and a piece of cake all whilst spending some quality time massaging beautiful babies in the warm cosy room.

I was treated to some lovely birthday gifts, cake and a balloon too! Thanks ladies!

Next week we’ve got Laura from Erewash Love to Carry popping by to talk to us about slings and Sling Swing at the end of the session and another lovely Laura from The Organic Life will be with us at the beginning of the session with some samples and products for sale. Both ladies are super knowledgeable so it will be a brilliant opportunity to ask them a few questions.