Baby classes aren’t for everyone….

For some people, attending a baby group or class is either not their idea of fun or just not possible. Being unable to drive, or not having access to a car can make it difficult to get to some class and group venues too.

Not everyone feels comfortable in groups of people and it can be quite daunting to get out on your own with a new baby.

I offer 1-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home or mine. I provide all the towels and oil and information so all you need to do is relax and enjoy some lovely bonding with your baby.

We can focus on any areas of concern such as constipation, wind or congestion or I can just share with you a general routine for helping both you and your Baby to relax and hopefully aid better sleep for both of you.

The session can involve just one person and Baby (or a doll if you’re looking to learn a few strokes before Baby arrives) or can include your partner, other children or family member or group of friends.

For more information or to book a session message or message me via Facebook

Daddies do massage too

It’s always lovely to have another family member come along to class but it’s especially nice to have a daddy come along.  


This super cute little baby gurgled and cooed his way through his massage from daddy until he got a bit tired out towards the end. 

Babies love to watch their parents’ faces and listen to their voices. Massage is a great way for daddies to bond with babies too. 

There is something soo adorable about a baby all wrapped up in a towel…😍