Mama Bean Summer Special!!

Relaxing massage, Mani Pedi’s, Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy and Post-natal skin care, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Cakes and much much more!!!
Come along for a lovely bump,baby and toddler friendly day.
Tickets are £5 for Mama Beans free for Baby and Toddler beans!

Outdoor Fun Day

The Outdoor Fun Day organised by Roots, Shoots and Welly Boots at The Old Vicarage School in Derby was fabulous.

I took the children on a farmyard adventure through yoga and had some very good mooing cows and hopping frogs and buzzing bees!

The weather was kind to us so we we able to stretch out and roll around one the grass quite happily.

I’m looking forward to doing it all again soon!

Lovely last classes today

Today was was the last class of my current massage and yoga courses. Its always really sad to say goodbye to all the lovely mummies and babies after spending the last 5 weeks getting to know them and watching the babies change and develop. Thankfully i’ll be seeing quite a few of you again soon on the next courses. 🙂

There have been lots of coughs, colds and tummy bugs about so we were missing a few little beans who I hope to cross paths with soon.

P1090851 (2)
Baby Massage Graduates
Baby Yoga Graduates

Please vote for Chilled Beans!!

Thank you soo much for nominating me in the Whats on for Awards. I’m very proud and grateful.

Voting is now open and i’d be really very grateful if you’d vote for Chilled Beans. Its really easy to do. Just click HERE to go to the voting page. Scroll down to Best local Activity for Under 5’s and select Chilled Beans. Then scroll down, pop in your name and submit. Its that simple.


Daddies do massage too

It’s always lovely to have another family member come along to class but it’s especially nice to have a daddy come along.  


This super cute little baby gurgled and cooed his way through his massage from daddy until he got a bit tired out towards the end. 

Babies love to watch their parents’ faces and listen to their voices. Massage is a great way for daddies to bond with babies too. 

There is something soo adorable about a baby all wrapped up in a towel…😍

Daddies Workshop


Daddies Workshop – Saturday 27th Feb at 12:30pm  @ Breaston Scout Hut. £10

An opportunity for your partner to spend some quality one-to-one time with your little bean and get to know and chat with other parents too. They can ask all those questions they weren’t sure about asking at home, boost their confidence,bond with baby and add some soothing massage and yoga to their parenting toolbox all while you get a bit of quiet time to yourself!!!

All equipment and refreshments provided.

There are only 4 of these sessions a year so spaces are limited. First come first served.

Email for booking details

Book a Baby Massage or Yoga course for January 

Plan yourself some cosy relaxation time with your baby in a lovely warm room with a cuppa and friendly a chat included.

All classes are relaxed,supportive and welcoming. Only wooden, homemade and natural material toys are provided.

Why not give yourself something to look forward to?

Upcoming course dates:
Breaston Scout Hut

Yoga – Friday 8th January 12pm

Massage – Friday 8th January 1:30pm

To book your baby’s place email for details.

newborn, children and family photographer Shepshed

Gift Vouchers are available on request.