Baby Sleep Aids

Most little babies can be rocked or soothed to sleep by their mummy or daddy without too much trouble but being able to put them down happily can be a tricky business!

Of course this can be wear babywearing comes in and there have been many occasions where I have popped my clingy or nap refusing baby into a sling so that they can get some restorative rest and i can get some jobs done. The thing is there are still some occasions where you just need to be able to put your little one down. Maybe to have a shower, or to eat a bowl of soup.

There are a number of soothing aids out there and over the years we seem to have acquired quite a lot of them. Interestingly when talking to the parents in my baby classes there seems to be one clear winner for the most effective. Have you tried any? Have they worked?  Continue reading

Bags Packed!

Here was my blog post about what I packed in my hospital bag for each of my births. I’d gone back and added notes about what i used and didn’t use.
What were the best and worst things you packed for your birth?

Tiddlers in Tow

After the last appointment we thought we ought to crack on with packing my hospital bags packed. There are soooo many different lists in books, magazines and websites for what to throw in these bags but I decided to ask for advice from friends with kids who I think I’d be sort of similar too.

As I’m used to travelling around alot I thought i’d be able to do my usual minimalist packing but I hadn’t taken into account that one you put in a packet of nappies and a packet of maternity pads and a bath robe your bag is almost full!

I’ve decided to go for a labour bag and then a separate bag for afterwards that Peter can bring in after the baby is born. (bad move – i hadn’t realised i would be in labour for soo long)

In the background of the picture you can see the…

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My towel cleaning kit..

It may not be the most thrilling conversation topic but if you have small kids or teach baby massage then you probably get through alot of towels.

I find that an average baby massage class gets though around about 30 towels. I’ve got a 9kg front load washing machine and 30 towels is about its limit.

I use and Eco Egg and Miofresh to wash my towels. My eldest daughter has very sensitive skin and we found that most detergents had a bit of perfume in or left residues on the laundry but the Eco Egg washes in a different way so nothing is left on the clothes or towels to irritate skin.

I add the Mio Fresh to ensure that there are no germs left on the towels. Having used cloth nappies with my children i’m quite familiar with getting baby solids and liquids out of fabrics and this combo is what works for me.

Demo session @ NCT Bumps and Babies


I really enjoy doing demo sessions at the NCT Bumps and Babies group in Long Eaton. There are always lots of gorgeous babies to meet and often a few familiar faces which is lovely.

I attended this particular group waaay back when I was a bump with my first baby. It was lovely and welcoming and a great way to meet other parents and carers of babies of a similar age. In fact, my daughter went on to go to pre-school and now primary school with some of the little people that she met there. It made it soo much easier for her on her first few days of settling in at pre-school because she already had a little group of friends.

You don’t have to be an NCT member to attend the group and the recommended donation is only £2. The group organiser is really proactive and arranges for lots of people (like me!) to come and visit which can really help you to decide about activities to do with your baby.

So if you live locally why not drop in. 10:30-12:30 on Thursday mornings at St Johns church hall on College Street in Long Eaton, Nottingham.

Me and my Chilled Beans Baby all ready to go!

Mama Bean Summer Social

A few pictures from our lovely friendly social event. Thank you to everyone that came along  on the day and to our partner businesses The Bakery Cafe and Mi Tiempo for helping to make everyone feel welcome.

It was lovely to catch up with some former class members to see how the babies have gown and brilliant to meet some new little beans and their mummies too.

Mama Bean Summer Special!!

Relaxing massage, Mani Pedi’s, Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy and Post-natal skin care, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage, Cakes and much much more!!!
Come along for a lovely bump,baby and toddler friendly day.
Tickets are £5 for Mama Beans free for Baby and Toddler beans!

Outdoor Fun Day

The Outdoor Fun Day organised by Roots, Shoots and Welly Boots at The Old Vicarage School in Derby was fabulous.

I took the children on a farmyard adventure through yoga and had some very good mooing cows and hopping frogs and buzzing bees!

The weather was kind to us so we we able to stretch out and roll around one the grass quite happily.

I’m looking forward to doing it all again soon!

Lovely last classes today

Today was was the last class of my current massage and yoga courses. Its always really sad to say goodbye to all the lovely mummies and babies after spending the last 5 weeks getting to know them and watching the babies change and develop. Thankfully i’ll be seeing quite a few of you again soon on the next courses. 🙂

There have been lots of coughs, colds and tummy bugs about so we were missing a few little beans who I hope to cross paths with soon.

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Baby Massage Graduates
Baby Yoga Graduates