What if my baby wants to feed during the class?

That is completely fine. Baby can eat whenever they’d like to. Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are both very welcome

At what age can baby start a massage class?

Its best to make sure baby has had their 6/8week check first.

Does my baby keep their nappy on for massage?

No all the babies get naked!! Its good nappy free time for them and enables you to give them a full body massage. The babies will pee and maybe even poo on the towels during classes and that is totally ok. I bring lots of spare towels. I have used cloth nappies with my babies so i really have seen it all and can’t be shocked.

My baby has eczema/sensitive skin. Will they be able to attend classes?

All the towels are washed at 60’C with an eco egg after each class so no harmful chemicals or perfumes are used. We always do a patch test with the oil at the beginning of the first class and only organic plant oils are used. You are of course welcome to bring your own oil and towels if you’d like to.

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