Baby Bean Has Found her Groove…

Well at least for a little while, Baby Bean has finally settled herself into a routine that suits her.

We had a tough few weeks for a little while there. After being a super sleeper from birth and missing out on the usual 4 month sleep regression we were beginning to think we had gotten tremendously lucky. And then that is when the sleep regression struck! Around the end of being five months old out littlest one started waking every 2.5/3hrs for milk. Nothing and I mean NOTHING else would settle her. I know this is quite a common age for this to happen and many people mistake the night waking for hunger and so rush babies on to solids as quickly as possible. Actually, I know that a massive developmental leap was underway and this is just how babies like to get through stuff. That said it doesn’t make it any easier when all you want to do is sleep for longer than 3hours at a time.

And as with many things relating to babies and children (and in my case, birth) just when I was beginning to think I couldn’t handle it any longer it resolved itself. She suddenly settled into a classic napping routine in the day and as a result started sleeping well at night. For now. Until the next thing.

Her current routine goes like this.

  • Wake up around 7am
  • awake for about 2hrs
  • 1hr ish nap
  • awake for 2hrs
  • 2/3hr ish nap
  • awake for 4hrs
  • Bed with one feed in the night

Now that we are venturing lightly into solid food we are trying to work out the best times to offer food. We’ve noticed that she’s not at all interested in trying food if she’s at all tired so just before her usual nap times doesn’t work. At the moment its just completely adhoc. I just offer things from my plate or that i’m preparing for her big sisters.


Baby Sleep Aids

Most little babies can be rocked or soothed to sleep by their mummy or daddy without too much trouble but being able to put them down happily can be a tricky business!

Of course this can be wear babywearing comes in and there have been many occasions where I have popped my clingy or nap refusing baby into a sling so that they can get some restorative rest and i can get some jobs done. The thing is there are still some occasions where you just need to be able to put your little one down. Maybe to have a shower, or to eat a bowl of soup.

There are a number of soothing aids out there and over the years we seem to have acquired quite a lot of them. Interestingly when talking to the parents in my baby classes there seems to be one clear winner for the most effective. Have you tried any? Have they worked?  Continue reading

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Daddies Workshop


Daddies Workshop – Saturday 27th Feb at 12:30pm  @ Breaston Scout Hut. £10

An opportunity for your partner to spend some quality one-to-one time with your little bean and get to know and chat with other parents too. They can ask all those questions they weren’t sure about asking at home, boost their confidence,bond with baby and add some soothing massage and yoga to their parenting toolbox all while you get a bit of quiet time to yourself!!!

All equipment and refreshments provided.

There are only 4 of these sessions a year so spaces are limited. First come first served.

Email for booking details

Benefits of baby yoga and massage

Benefits of Infant Yoga

Baby yoga promotes tummy time and active play for babies in the form of swings and dips which help to develop baby’s proprioceptive and vestibular systems. The use of songs during yoga practice helps to develop baby’s sense of rhythm and promotes language development and communication between mother and baby. In addition, the release of endorphins in both mother and baby’s body can help to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Baby yoga shares some of its benefits with baby massage. The main difference between the two disciplines is that baby yoga stimulates baby’s senses through a variety of different stimulus; movement, touch, song, and stretching. Stretches can help relieve colicky pains and wind. The movements in baby yoga complement the movements in baby massage. A combination of both provides the infant’s digestive system with a high degree of support. As with baby massage baby yoga can help to settle babies and improve their sleep patterns. It can also enhance communication between the parent and baby by providing special time together. Babies enjoy the close physical contact with parents and are soothed by many of the poses. Baby yoga shares many of its benefits with baby massage.

Yoga and massage can bring relief to a number of conditions suffered by babies which can cause them to be uncomfortable during the first months of life and beyond.

Relief from colic and wind is an important benefit of baby massage and yoga. Massage tones the digestive tract, expels wind from the body,breaks down large air bubbles and speeds myelination between the nerve cells in the stomach and the brain making the digestion of food and elimination of waste more efficient. Yoga stretches help massage the abdomen and facilitate the expulsion of air from the bowel.

Infant massage can also bring relief of teething pain by massaging the mouth and gums and ease colds and congestion by helping to drain the nasal passages of mucus. Yoga can help encourage babies to practice deep belly breathing.

Yoga and massage are very important for aiding relaxation and reducing stress both for the parent and the baby. Our bodies naturally produce a group of hormones (cortisols) which help us to quickly raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and prepare muscles for movement when the body is under threat. These hormones are a very important part of helping us to function effectively and survive. Without them helping us to react to the threat of danger our bodies would not be able to react quickly enough to avoid harm. ACHT (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH, corticotropin), is a cortisol hormone responsible for helping to create many new nerve to brain connections and so it is important in creating intelligent and new responses to our environment however when the levels of ACHT become too high however then the negative effects of stress can be felt.

When you massage or touch a baby during baby yoga, the baby’s body produces oxcytocin which is the calming hormone of love . These hormones help to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body and therefore help to lower blood pressure and heart rate and improve appetite. Prior to birth a baby’s body is flooded with adrenalin and cortisol which helps to prepare the baby for birth. After a baby is born, the levels of adrenalin in the baby’s bloodstream may be excessively high, particularly if it has had a difficult birth which may cause the baby to feel stress. Massage and yoga help can to lower the levels of adrenalin and cortisol and increase oxytocin helping the baby to feel more comfortable more quickly.

Massage can help babies and adults sleep better………

Its true! Massage has been shown to help muscles relax more efficiently which helps baby breathe more deeply and achieve a better quality of sleep.

Regularly touching and stroking your baby reduces the stress hormone cortisol but increases melatonin and the super special oxytocin.

Therefore incorporating massage in a bedtime routine can help baby to calm down and relax ready for sleep.

We used to massage our biggest bean every night after her bath. I enjoyed that quiet time together and I think she did too. Now that we have two little ladies to sort out at bedtime it can be difficult to find time to massage them both every night so it’s more of a treat or something we do if either child has had a bad/stressful day. My three yr old tends to prefer bedtime yoga nowadays but she does sometimes ask for a massage while she reads her book though. 

At each massage class that I’ve attended with my own children or taught to others most of the babies have had a feed and then a good snooze afterwards. I’ve fallen asleep during of plenty of relaxing massages myself too!!

Sleeping SRO

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