Baby Bean – Massage and Yoga


newborn, children and family photographer Shepshed

Imagine how much better you would drift off to sleep if you were gently massaged in a warm room? Exactly! Baby massage can help to soothe symptoms of colic and congestion and relieve tension helping babies to relax and to feed and sleep better as a result. It stimulates the vagus nerve which encourages baby’s digestive system to work more efficiently and it stimulates the hypothalamous producing lots of lovely oxcytocin – the love hormone.

Its not just for mums either! Grandmas, aunties, dads, siblings anyone with a close relationship to baby can learn how to give them a relaxing massage. I offer 1-1 lessons, groups sessions, video link lessons and couples sessions. If you are part of a group of friends who would like your own bespoke course that can also be arranged.

All you need to bring along to your class is you and your baby. Oh, probably a good idea to bring your change bag too but that’s all. There will be yoga mats and fresh clean towels for you and baby to sit and lay on. At the beginning of each course I will provide you with a small bottle of organic grapeseed oil to take home with you.

We’ll find time for a drink and a chat in a relaxed, welcoming and non judgmental environment with other mums. Hopefully i’ll find time to bake a little something to nibble on too!

The classes are suitable for babies from 6 weeks through to crawling. If you’d like to have some sessions before baby’s six week check you just need to get approval from your doctor. I can provide a letter template for this that you just need to get them to sign.

Premature babies can benefit massively from massage and kangaroo care. Studies show that massaged premature babies gained weight faster and were discharged from hospital sooner. The technique is quite different for premature babies though and will of course need to be approved by your baby’s doctor and care team.


newborn, children and family photographer Shepshed

Baby yoga has benefits for both you and baby. The movements and postures are gentle and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

Benefits for you

  • maintaining flexibility in the spine and joints
  • strengthening and improving muscle tone
  • boosting the immune system
  • regulating the digestive system
  • stimulating the senses
  • relaxing and calming
  • aiding sleep
  • using positive touch with your baby
  • playing/bonding/relaxing with your baby
  • learning about your baby
  • spending special time with your baby
  • healing after a difficult or traumatic birth
  • gaining confidence in handling your baby
  • dealing with post-natal depression
  • learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques
  • improving muscle tone and strength after pregnancy
  • empowering yourself through parenting

Benefits for baby

  • Relaxing and calming, which can reduce the heart rate and lead to a better sleep pattern
  • Help with general growth and development
  • Develop muscle tone and strength
  • Help the development of postural reflexes
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Improve the general functioning of the immune system
  • Regulates and strengthens the digestive system which may reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation
  • Stimulates and balances the nervous system

Baby yoga is a natural progression from baby massage because by this point babies tend to be more awake and ready to be active and entertained. It is suitable for babies from around ten weeks through to walking. As baby develops new skills they approach the classes from a different angle and so are able to do the course again and again and get something different from it each time.

newborn, children and family photographer Shepshed

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