Maternity Clothes Loan

Another pile of maternity clothes back in from being out on loan. This collection is all around size 12.

All sorted through before going out again straight away to another mama to be.

Did you know I loan out maternity clothes? Much to my husband’s dismay 😆. He goes nuts about the storage but generally I never have a the clothes hanging around at home for too long. There is always another mummy to pass them on to.

When I was pregnant with my first bean I found it really expensive kitting myself out with a whole new wardrobe. I’d only fit in some things for a month! It seemed so wasteful. So I decided to loan out the clothes I’d bought to other mums to help them out.

As time has gone on my collection has grown and grateful mums have donated more and more to my stash. I now have a size 8 bag, two large size 10 ones(one winter season and one summer) and two large size 12 ones with a few larger sizes.

Occasionally I have a little clear out of things that are looking a bit tired or have gone out of fashion but for the most part the clothes are all really well looked after.

If you or anyone you know is interested in loaning a bag just drop me a Message and I’ll add you to the list for when a set next comes back in.

Baby classes aren’t for everyone….

For some people, attending a baby group or class is either not their idea of fun or just not possible. Being unable to drive, or not having access to a car can make it difficult to get to some class and group venues too.

Not everyone feels comfortable in groups of people and it can be quite daunting to get out on your own with a new baby.

I offer 1-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home or mine. I provide all the towels and oil and information so all you need to do is relax and enjoy some lovely bonding with your baby.

We can focus on any areas of concern such as constipation, wind or congestion or I can just share with you a general routine for helping both you and your Baby to relax and hopefully aid better sleep for both of you.

The session can involve just one person and Baby (or a doll if you’re looking to learn a few strokes before Baby arrives) or can include your partner, other children or family member or group of friends.

For more information or to book a session message or message me via Facebook

3 Months old and ready to mingle!!

What has been your favourite thing to do with Baby?

As this treasure is my last baby I need to make the most of her and life with a little baby and soak it all up!!

She’s becoming more alert and interested in what’s going on so I’ve been thinking about which groups or classes to take her along to.

It’s nearly 4years since I last had a little baby so I’m thinking there are probably some new things out there.

So, what have been your favourite groups or classes to attend with your baby?

Christmas Baby Massage and Yoga Workshops – Joined by the fabulous Kay Oliver Photography

We’re very lucky to have the talented Kay Oliver with us during the Christmas Baby Massage and Yoga Workshops.

Kay will be providing a Winter Wonderland set up similar to the one shown in these images and will be providing the pictures as digital downloads. Brilliant for making Christmas cards to send to family and friends or just as a lovely keep sake.

Book tickets for the workshops here

Christmas Baby Massage and Yoga Workshops

Untitled design
A chance for little babies – and parents 😁– to wear festive outfits and get into the Christmas spirit whilst also trying out both baby massage and baby yoga.
The fantastic Kay Oliver of Kay Oliver Newborn & Baby Photography will be there to capture festive images perfect for Christmas gifts and cards.
Wonderful Claire Caine of Radiance Yoga UK will be doing a Postnatal yoga demonstration in between workshop sessions
There will be goody bags with samples and discount vouchers
There will be hot drinks and mince pies!
Numbers are limited and places are not confirmed until paid for.
Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents are all welcome.
Book Here
And keep up to date with the event here:

Our newest little Chilled Bean

I realised that I hadn’t properly introduced my newest little Chilled Bean. Born 31st August weighing 8lb 4oz. and after much deliberation named Poppy Elizabeth Oates.

We’ve spent the last nine weeks soaking up baby cuddles, singing lullabies, sniffing sweet baby breath and stroking her fuzzy little head.

Her big sisters quite simply adore her and fight over who is going to help change her nappy or holder or sing to her.

Poppy certainly enjoys being massaged and we’ve all seen the benefits of Yoga and massage in soothing her windy tummy!

We feel soo very lucky to have her and are excited to watch her grow and flourish.

Pregnancy, Yoga and me


I’ve yoga’d through each of my pregnancies. In my first I only really found time for it when I finished work and started maternity leave so I really only attended a few classes. I really struggled with pelvic girdle pain and at my worst couldn’t get off the sofa or walk across a room. It was agony. It improved with lots of rest but was tough.

In my second pregnancy I attended weekly classes and occasionally practised at home too but really only once a week here and there. My regular yoga teacher at that time didn’t feel comfortable having my continue in her class so I had no choice but to find a pregnancy specific one. There was nothing local to me so I had to travel around 10 miles to get to the nearest class. Some weeks I was just a bit too tired after work to make the drive there and back so I didn’t make it every week and I only really practised at home occasionally. It still really helped me to feel healthier and more energetic and I did still have a little pelvic pain but nowhere near as badly as first time around.

When I became pregnant third time around I decided to make a concerted effort to do some yoga more regularly. I had completed my Pregnancy Yoga teacher training so I knew I could practice safely at home on my own. It made a huge difference! In those early days of pregnancy when I was feeling shattered and nauseous all day every day yoga helped to ease those symptoms and make me feel more energetic. Just a short 10 or minutes of practice would lift my mood, increase my energy levels and ease the nausea. Fantastic!

As a result i have done a little bit of yoga most days. Sometime just 5 minutes here and there and other days lots more. My regular yoga teacher was also pregnant and so totally happy and comfortable for me to continue with classes (thanks Lucy Kite!). I was also teaching my mum and baby yoga and pregnancy yoga classes regularly too so I was getting plenty of practice in! As a result I’ve felt the most well and the most energetic of all of my pregnancies. I feel strong and healthy and have had far less trouble with the usual pregnancy niggles, pains and aches. I have slept soo much better this time around too despite having a bigger bump and I’ve had no pelvic pain this time so far.

Ultimately I think being healthier and maintaining any kind of regular exercise throughout pregnancy can benefit you enormously. The great thing with yoga is that its gentle enough for it to be safe throughout pregnancy and can easily be altered and adjusted so that you still get a good work out that builds strength and tone but without straining you or hurting baby. It has also been a lovely way for me to find time each day to connect with my growing baby despite the pressures of a very busy life with two other children.

I’m taking some time away from teaching for a few months in order to focus on our new baby and settling in to life as a mother of three but I’m already feeling excited and energised to share what I’ve learned with lots of other pregnant mums very soon!



Babywearing Basics

by Cheryl Grant

Babywearing? That sounds strange!

Baby in woven pic

It does sound strange, doesn’t it, wearing your baby, but that is a general term for carrying your baby in a sling/carrier. Despite the common misconception (mainly portrayed by the media) babywearing is neither a fad or associated with a particular type of parenting style
(e.g./ attachment parenting). In fact, babywearing is an age old parenting tool that was around way before pushchairs!

Benefits of babywearing

There are many, many benefits to carrying your baby/child in a sling. I’m going to list a few that I think are great to know.
Baby awake in wovenYou have your hands free!

Your baby is more likely to be settled and feel secure.

It makes getting out and about easier!

It has positive effects on both mum and baby’s mental health!

It is a great gentle postpartum exercise

It promotes  baby’s development in all areas

It is great for bonding, perfect for dads and other caregivers too!

Wearing your baby in a sling/carrier will not make them clingy. Babywearing helps promote a secure attachment from caregiver to baby.

T.i.c.k.s rules for safe babywearing

We have a set of guidelines to follow to ensure that babywearing is as safe as possible! It’s really good to remember these when positioning baby in a sling/carrier and whilst wearing your baby. Never do anything whilst babywearing that you wouldn’t do with your baby in your arms.



There are so many different types of baby carriers available to buy, from buckle carriers to woven wraps to ringslings. It can often be difficult to find something that is suitable and comfortable. But over the past few years there has been a major progression in support, advice and comfort! There is so much support and advice out there, sling libraries and babywearing consultants are great. They have a wide range of slings available for you to try and hire. There are sling libraries in Derby and Nottingham!

There is always some confusion about babies facing outwards in slings (world facing). It is important to have a sling suitable for forward facing (recommended on the manufacturers instructions) and it is usually recommended that baby has good head control (average of  4 months plus but dependant on baby) and that it is for short periods of time (20-30 minutes) and that if baby falls asleep whilst facing forward that you then turn them back to face you to keep their chin off of their chest! Remember those TICKS!

forward facing baby

You can see here that baby (demo doll!)  is in  a good seated position with the hips rotated upwards. Baby is nice and high and both are comfortable.



The picture below shows an optimum position for a baby in a sling/carrier and this is the position that you should aim for! It is an ‘M’ position with baby’s bottompositioning
lower than their knees. It makes a really comfortable seated position with the hips rotated upwards and soles of  baby’s feet facing the ground. This position is perfect for the natural development of baby’s spine and hip joints! Baby’s head is high up on your chest and the spine is curved naturally.

(Photo credit to jeportemonbebe)

It is recommended that, when babywearing, you use layers of clothing rather than thick padded snow suits. This is because when you wear your baby, they are already getting warmth from your body heat and it’s much easier to add or remove layers of clothing as needed! Tights, leggings, long socks, knitted boots and leg warmers all work well for carrying in a sling. But check to make sure there’s no squishing of tiny toes!

and remember to follow the TICKS rules for safe babywearing!

Below are links to some local babywearing resources! Happy babywearing!

cheryl with baby

Cheryl Grant, B is for Babywearing

Babywearing peer supporter and consultant in training