About Ashley

When I had my first baby I attended lots of different baby classes and groups. Baby massage turned out to be one of our favourites and i look back on that time fondly. My baby and I had gotten to know each other a little and begun to settle in to life together. The classes allowed us time to focus solely on each other without distractions of day life. Walking into that room felt like a non judgmental safe haven where everything was ok. I could talk candidly with the other mums about how me and my new little family were doing, ask for advice or just be.

I found the benefits to be great. My baby fed and slept well after a massage allowing me a little time to relax too. I showed my husband and mother what I had learned and we incorporated it into our baby’s bedtime routine. When I fell pregnant with my second baby I looked forward to attending those classes again. It was more difficult to find the time with a lively toddler to care for too but I’m so pleased we did because my second baby loves to be massaged and it was special 1-1 time for the two of us.

We went on to attend Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga Classes and still enjoy practicing both at home.

Being made redundant from a busy corporate job encouraged me to study to teach other parents and carers. It’s more than a job for me. I love reading about pregnancy and baby and child development so much that I live and breath it. I enjoy practicing yoga myself and am studying to be able to teach prenatal yoga.

I’m now really excited to share what I have learned with others and hope that you all love it as much as my babies and I.

newborn, children and family photographer Shepshed

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