Baby Bean Has Found her Groove…

Well at least for a little while, Baby Bean has finally settled herself into a routine that suits her.

We had a tough few weeks for a little while there. After being a super sleeper from birth and missing out on the usual 4 month sleep regression we were beginning to think we had gotten tremendously lucky. And then that is when the sleep regression struck! Around the end of being five months old out littlest one started waking every 2.5/3hrs for milk. Nothing and I mean NOTHING else would settle her. I know this is quite a common age for this to happen and many people mistake the night waking for hunger and so rush babies on to solids as quickly as possible. Actually, I know that a massive developmental leap was underway and this is just how babies like to get through stuff. That said it doesn’t make it any easier when all you want to do is sleep for longer than 3hours at a time.

And as with many things relating to babies and children (and in my case, birth) just when I was beginning to think I couldn’t handle it any longer it resolved itself. She suddenly settled into a classic napping routine in the day and as a result started sleeping well at night. For now. Until the next thing.

Her current routine goes like this.

  • Wake up around 7am
  • awake for about 2hrs
  • 1hr ish nap
  • awake for 2hrs
  • 2/3hr ish nap
  • awake for 4hrs
  • Bed with one feed in the night

Now that we are venturing lightly into solid food we are trying to work out the best times to offer food. We’ve noticed that she’s not at all interested in trying food if she’s at all tired so just before her usual nap times doesn’t work. At the moment its just completely adhoc. I just offer things from my plate or that i’m preparing for her big sisters.


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