Small, perfectly formed classes

It is important to me to keep my classes small and welcoming. I attended baby massage and yoga classes with both of my babies and one of the things I liked best about them was how small and friendly they were. I made friends with other mums (who I still see now 5yrs later) and it was lovely and relaxing.

My main aim for each class is for you and your baby to feel relaxed and welcome. It’s a zero judgement environment where whatever choices you’ve made about how you care for your baby will be full supported. Breast and bottle, cloth nappies or disposables, baby lead weaning or total purées, all of it is fully embraced.

I’ve been to almost every baby and toddler class there is with my own two children and I’ve experienced the isolation and awkwardness you can feel when attending a group for the first time. Especially one where everyone else seems to know each other already. I work hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome and integral to the group.

Babies love looking at and interacting with other babies. It’s great for their social development and it’s also lovely when they make little type friends that they go on to see at other classes and eventually school and or preschool. 

For mum’s it’s a chance to relax a little, have a drink made for you and an opportunity to talk to another adult which can help maintain your sanity if your only company has been a baby since 6am!

Hanging with other people who have babies of a similar age can be very reassuring and supportive. We often chat about what each baby has been getting up to and share ideas and suggestions to help with ailments and concerns. Knowing you’re not the only person who’s baby is singing at 3am or is refusing to take a bottle can really help you to feel better or less worried.

So you know that if you come along to a ChilledBeans baby class you can feel confident that you will be greeted with a happy, smiling face, you’ll be offered a drink and a snack and you’ll be listened to and supported no matter what you have to say or who you are.

3 thoughts on “Small, perfectly formed classes

  1. Hiya can you please email me more info on the baby massage classes.. my baby is due 14th August and I’m just trying to be a little organised thanks


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