Baby Sleep Aids

Most little babies can be rocked or soothed to sleep by their mummy or daddy without too much trouble but being able to put them down happily can be a tricky business!

Of course this can be wear babywearing comes in and there have been many occasions where I have popped my clingy or nap refusing baby into a sling so that they can get some restorative rest and i can get some jobs done. The thing is there are still some occasions where you just need to be able to put your little one down. Maybe to have a shower, or to eat a bowl of soup.

There are a number of soothing aids out there and over the years we seem to have acquired quite a lot of them. Interestingly when talking to the parents in my baby classes there seems to be one clear winner for the most effective. Have you tried any? Have they worked? 

Here is a little bit of info about each of the soothers that I’ve tried.

  1. Fisher Price Calming Vibrations Cuddle Sootherimg_6421

This little fella gently vibrates while a female voice hums and sings lullabies. To start it you have to press the heart quite firmly. its difficult for little ones to do on their own but does tend to come on if they roll on top of it! My littlest bean loved this while she was very small.

2. Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear


This is quite a clever bear because he has motion and sound sensors which turn him on if baby cries or wriggles about. He has a heart sounded that was actually recorded in a womb and you can record your own voice if that is what baby likes best. The silkie blanket is designed for parents to wear close to their skin so that their scent is on it and can be given to baby to help comfort them. The sensors are quite sensitive so he comes on quite alot and when his batteries start running low he makes quite an annoying scratchy sound.

3. Ewan the Deam Sheepimg_6424

Ewan has four different sounds. There is a heartbeat sound that was recorded in the womb, a harp sound, a vacuum cleaner and rain. One of the best things about this soother is that he plays for a full 20mins. This cuddly fella worked wonders for my youngest little bean and sent her straight back to sleep.

4. Playskool Lullaby Glow Wormimg_6420

There are a two options for this little worm. You can set it so that just the light comes on when it is squeezed or both the light and sound. The music is quite loud and the light quite bright so not really all that soothing in my opinion. Neither of my children liked it.

5. Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Frogimg_6419

This frog throws a pretty starry sky up onto the ceiling in a choice of three different colours. He plays a heartbeat sound and a selection of different tunes and nature sounds. He plays music for the longest time out of all of the soothers I’ve listed. He’s on for 30minutes before he switches off.  I think he’s more suitable for older babies.

I’m sure there are lots more out there and i’d been interested to hear of anyone’s experiences and what your little person’s favourite is.

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