Bags Packed!

Here was my blog post about what I packed in my hospital bag for each of my births. I’d gone back and added notes about what i used and didn’t use.
What were the best and worst things you packed for your birth?

Just Another Green Mother

After the last appointment we thought we ought to crack on with packing my hospital bags packed. There are soooo many different lists in books, magazines and websites for what to throw in these bags but I decided to ask for advice from friends with kids who I think I’d be sort of similar too.

As I’m used to travelling around alot I thought i’d be able to do my usual minimalist packing but I hadn’t taken into account that one you put in a packet of nappies and a packet of maternity pads and a bath robe your bag is almost full!

I’ve decided to go for a labour bag and then a separate bag for afterwards that Peter can bring in after the baby is born. (bad move – i hadn’t realised i would be in labour for soo long)

In the background of the picture you can see the…

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